Check PTPTN Blacklist

ptptn-blacklistAccording to numbers from PTPTN, there are more than 1.3 million defaulters who did not repay their PTPTN loan since 1998. The amount of bad debts have ballooned to RM 1.2 billion, which resulted PTPTN to undertake drastic actions to recover these outstanding loans.  One of the actions taken by PTPTN is to blacklist these defaulters, whom failed to repay their loan after 3 reminders letter and followed by a summon letter. Once blacklisted, PTPTN defaulters details will be submitted to CCRIS and the immigration department.

CCRIS will list these defaulters and financial institutions will not offer any financial loan or credit cards to these defaulters. The Immigration department will also barred these PTPTN blacklist from leaving the country.

If you are a PTPTN borrower, and have yet to start repaying your loans for whatever reasons, you should check if you are blacklisted by PTPTN before booking the next flights overseas.

To check if you are PTPTN blacklisted via SMS

PTPTN also has a SMS system where you can check your PTPTN status. To check please type “PTPTN<space>PIN Number<space>NRIC to 33199. Each SMS is subjected to RM0.50 service charge.

If you are worried by being barred by the immigration department, then it is best that you check with the immigration department.  You can visit the Malaysia Immigration Department official site :

Below is the iframe of the Immigration Department system to check if you are barred from leaving the country