Check NCD Entitlement

ncd-entitlementNCD is the abbreviation for NO CLAIM DISCOUNT.  If you have a car insurance and over a period of 12 months, you did not file for any claim, or third party filing claim against you, then after the 12 month period, you will be entitled to NO CLAIM DISCOUNT for your following year car insurance renewal.  NCD is accumulated over the years so your car insurance premium can be substantially cheaper by 55%, the maximum amount of NCD you can accumulate over 5 years periods.


The NCD accumulation table is as follows:

First Year – 0% NCD
Second Year – 25% NCD
Third Year – 30%
Forth Year – 38.33%
Fifth Year – 45%
Onwards – 55%

BUT for motorcycles and commercial registered vehicles, the NCD scheme is capped at 25%

First year – 0%
Second Year – 15%
Third Year – 20%
Forth Year – 25%
Onward – 25%

While your NCD will increased over the years if you did not have any insurance claim make against you. Should there be a claim, either filed by Third Party against you, or you claim under own damage, your NCD will be forfeited and will start from 0% the next year.