Check GST Registration

check-gst-registrationThe public can check whether businesses have registered for the the Goods and Services Tax (GST) under the GST Act 2014 via the Royal Malaysian Customs Department’s portal,

Many people has enquiries on how the public could make checks and verify if a particular restaurant or business that charged the tax was GST-resgistered.

The public can visit the portal and click on the ‘Tap Taxpayer Access Point’ icon before clicking on the ‘Lookup GST Status’ in the Search column.  Then in the column ‘GST No.’, enter the 12-digit registration GST number or GST ID as stated in the bill or Tax Invoice issued by the restaurants or merchants.

The screen will then display the information on the ‘GST Number’, ‘Taxpayer Name’, ‘Commence Date’ and ‘Status.

If the column ‘Status’ displays ‘No Registrants Found’, it means that the restaurant or business is not GST-registered and can not impose GST to its customers.

If the column ‘Status’ displays ‘ACTIVE’, it means the businesses are GST-registered and are entitled to impose the GST.

The Public should also ensure the name of the business that appears under the “Taxpayer Name” is the same as the restaurant or business that issued the bill or the Tax Invoice.

This is because there are cases where the business operators who are not GST-registered traders use GST registration numbers of those businesses that are registered.

Any complaints regarding the GST may be submitted at the nearest Customs office, or call 1-300-888-500, or make statements online through the “GST Complaint” on the main page of the